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Hyogo - Takedajo castle

From season to season, you can enjoy various beautiful views in Takeda town where is rich in nature.
In 2017, we opened the guest house TENKU as the base of your journey where you can search a town in Takeda.
Guest house TENKU is right next to Takeda station (JR) and there are Maruyama River and Teramachi Street in Takeda castle town. The ruins of the Takeda castle is very popular for travelers and people call it as “Castle in the sky” “Machu Picchu in Japan”, also the guest house is located at the foot of the ruins of the Takeda castle.
Every traveler could have comfortable time with clean spaces and enjoy to stay at the traditional Japanese style house with newly renovated rooms at the guest house TENKU.
On the roof of the guest house, you will see the special tiles (Shachi-Gawara: 鯱瓦) which is reproduced the actual used tiles from Takeda castle.

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