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Aichi - Nagoya

The Nishiasahi is located in the Endoji Shopping Arcade, on the route between Nagoya Station and Nagoya Castle. The former merchant town arcade is one of Nagoya’s oldest shopping areas, and retains an old-world atmosphere. It’s near where 100-year-old white walled traditional Japanese warehouses, and tenement houses still stand, and surrounded by modern skyscrapers of the bustling city, providing an eclectic mix of modern and ancient Japan.

For over 80 years from 1931, the Nishiasahi was one of the best-loved cafés in Nagoya’s Endoji area until its demise in 2013. In 2014, the Nishiasahi was reborn as a café restaurant & guest house. While the 2nd floor provides clean, comfortable tourist accommodation for international and domestic travelers, the 1st floor offers Nishiasahi’s famed egg sandwich loved by local people for a long time, and is open to travelers and the general public alike. The new Nishiasahi, it’s a new addition to the old Endoji area, and a place for international communication!

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