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Yamaguchi - Hagi

Guesthouse ruco was born in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture in October 2013. “ruco” comes from the two Chinese characters, “流” (Ru means flow) and “交” (Co means interact). We hope the guesthouse will connect people who are visiting Hagi and living in Hagi and make them interact with each other just like the water channels flowing through Hagi are connecting people’s lives.

We named this place “ruco” with that wish in our mind.

The history and castle town of Hagi are not the only attractions of this city.
To say nothing of the elegant scenery you can find even with a little walk, we think the wonderful people living here and the things they create are the best attractions of this city.

We hope you will soak in such attractions of Hagi during your stay in our guesthouse.

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