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kagelow Mt.Fuji Hostel Kawaguchiko

Yamanashi - Lake Kawaguchiko

The place where a traveler’s curiosity meets the new vibes and new sensation.

Travelers with different backgrounds from all over the world meet and gather.
A phenomenon that occurs when different elements are combined.

Kagelow – Heat Shimmer –

We hope that the phenomena like “Kagelow” that we all saw as children will occur in the traveler’s heart.

Imagination and creation steal traveler’s hearts.

An old Japanese inn has been reborn as a new hostel.
The concept of our hostel is modern Japanese style, with a taste of traditional Japan.
The spirit of the past and the energy of the present is alive in our new establishment.

We strive to create a comfortable atmosphere and provide excellent service to all our guests.

Our café/bar and restaurant is available to guests from outside and also for our registered guests.
Everyone can relax and have an enjoyable experience here.

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